Lighttpd rewrite all to index.php

MantisBT is a web based bug tracking system that was first made available to the public in November Work step by step and continue to the next step only if the previous step does not work.

If you have another linux computer on the network then from a terminal run ssh Nun geht es an die Installation von Nextcloud: For example, if you attempt to upload a. This right was granted to sysops by default until MediaWiki 1.

Configuring Zend Framework 2 with lighttpd

I often suggest that type of URI to folks asking about permalinks etc, as that is the method recommended by the w3c see http: This is a security feature that protects the system from other users, but also limits the amount of damage that a user can do by mistake although if prefixed with the sudo command it will not help against accidents.

Some things to take into account: How to get it. To prevent normal users from overriding filerepo files locally: If a variable name is used in a context it will always use the definition from the nearest scope.

Nginx See nginx documentation. If you are copy-pasting these configs, make sure you are adding locations to secure some of the directories as described on Security page.

WordPress 0 network lighttpd rewrite rules

Files in the newer. It needs to be in a specific format: If you are using, or wish to use FrontPage or if your hosting package is pre-configured that way along with WordPress, you'll need to take the following simple steps on your server or have your hosting company do them for you.

No Skins[ edit ] With Ubuntu 8. Conditions can be nested, and you can group them with and and or operators. If you want to use a different username then prefix that before the ip address with an sign.

Some versions of WAMP all versions. Twitter users are encouraged to follow " mantisbt". You must register and log in before the upload file link appears in the toolbox.

MantisBT is available in several Linux distributions including:. Apr 16,  · -rwxrw 1 root lighttpd lighttpd user is lighttpd, if i want lighttpd to read and write from then outside user can guess and display (slim chance at name but the main point of fixing this wierd thing).

Running a lightweight webserver on the Raspberry Pi (lighttpd)

i.e. was made the default index ( was still needed for the calendar to function) I understand this is a specific, and old, use case but perhaps this solution may be useful in other situations.

This book is targeted at MantisBT administrators, and documents the installation, upgrade, configuration, customization and administration tasks required to. Datum Quelle Apache Microsoft IIS nginx Google Web Server Januar Netcraft, „all sites“: 55,26 % 16,93 % 12,64 % 3,58 % Juli Netcraft, „all sites“: 52,19 % 19,65 %.

I found other issues with this setup, particularly in passing more than one parameter via get. I went back to?forum_id=1 type urls.

Howto for Lighttpd and Mod Security

Aug 30,  · My best recommendation would be that you review the lighttpd mod_rewrite documentation and visit the lighttpd Support Forums if you have questions specific to lighttpd which are not being answered to your satisfaction here on the CodingForums.

Lighttpd rewrite all to index.php
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