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Students are also encouraged to team up and work on different stories that are nevertheless related, the group sharing resources and ideas as the work progresses. Create an assignment following the format that I use each week.

Click on "My Items". If the rubric includes a word limit, then you'll lose points for failing to meet that goal. Here are the requirements that you ad must follow to get the full points: Please put each one on a separate piece of paper. For extra credit, you may design your own print ad using Adobe Illustrator.

Turnitin is integrated with the D2L dropbox. If you could decorate your room any way possible, what would you do. Explain why this person means so much to you. Then write about the thing you worry about the most.

You should also check canvas for any announcements or assignment updates. Required Texts Alred G. Examine the relationship between 2 quantitative variables.

Create a list of 20 words that alternate left, then right or vice versa. In most contexts for professional writing, there are artificial and pragmatic word limits.


What if our only form of transportation was horses. You may or may not want to print these out - but they are the equivalent of "notes" on a blackboard. Email me once you are done so that I know to grade it. Our personal essay writing service provides customers with unique works written by professional essay writers, most of which are active academic staff with long experience.

It demonstrates control over your ideas and communication. Feature project article The feature project article like a "term paper" for journalism students is aword feature article written for a general newspaper or magazine audience.

Invite a Friend posted Feb 5,9: You may compete with your peers for the same jobs. Find 3 that are meaningful to you and have fun creating your stories. When sharing a portfolio, always test your link. Consider the basic process of answering a question on an exam.

You will be in uniform with the Design apron and t-shirt the entire time You will act professionally at ALL times with all guests You will not use your cell phone during this time for texting or personal calls You will proactively approach guests and tell them about the business and your experience as a student You will help to promote this class and the reasons why a student should consider taking it next year You will remain in the classroom unless you ask for permission to use the restroom You will NOT goof off with other students You will arrive on time and not leave early You will be prepared to talk about the Design lab in an informed manner Why is Reading Important.

As a teacher, how you choose or create assessments like exams demonstrates a great deal about your commitment to making accommodations.

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One of the clearest ways to demonstrate this commitment is being thoughtful and careful in how you assess. The lesson will cover one chapter from the text and, often times, a supplement short article, web article, video, etc.

For ECON Macroeconomicschoose an article with a national or international perspective on GDP, economic growth, the performance of the economy, inflation, unemployment, international trade, fiscal policy, or monetary policy.

You have the choice from the options below. Our client's satisfaction and confidence in our writing crew is our main goal. The topic is your choice and you should write about something you care about.


For this extra credit assignment, you need to explore in-depth why it is important to read. What if we wore uniforms to school.

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Perhaps you believe you need to exceed the word count to meet the other goals of the assignment, or you need the space to express yourself to your own satisfaction. Test a hypothesis about a proportion. Summarize the relationship by comparing relative frequencies. What is something that your parents say they like about you.

In other words, connect the subject of the article to the economic principles covered in our textbook. What makes you special or unique?. Week 3: November 5th - November 9th.

Please see the information below for lesson plans and assignments. Please note that this agenda is just a projection, and lesson plans are subject to change - students are advised of any changes in class and are instructed.

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Extra Credit Writing Assignment – Review of Articles 1) - Find an article of interest, either in a print journal (good possibilities are listed below) or. Extra credit assignments could outweigh the required assignments, and the result could mean that a student would pass a course without meeting all the standards.

Extra credit that is graded for a “completion” grade can skew an overall grade.

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Make-up/extra credit assignments are brief papers using a recent (less than one year old) article from a newspaper, magazine, or reputable on-line source on an economics-related topic. You do not need to include a copy of the article but you must provide a complete citation for the article (name of publication, date, article title, and author.

English Extra Credit Teachers / English / Melodee Harman / English Extra Most extra credit assignments are worth 10 points, but some are worth Write a one page letter of appreciation using letter writing standards to a person or business that has helped you in some way.

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Extra credit assignments business writing
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